Of Hobbits and Hermits

Firebolts- Session 2

Tuki had become concerned about the group’s continued absence. He got some volunteers to go down to the sewer to check out what had happened. By the time the new recruits got down to the sewers, whoever had fired at the ogre had disappeared. Knowing which direction they came from, Meriele and Kythos went looking for what had to be a secret exit. Kythos also admitted that he heard the sound of stone-on-stone, which could have been a door sliding up, or to the side, to reveal a passage.

The Hermit appeared and healed the ogre, who then told the group about the pressure plate for the tunnel entrance. The door slid away to reveal a set of stairs leading further underground. Wally and Arnder brought the ogre back to the surface to be arrested. The hermit, a halfling, and a human joined the other tiefling and elf going down the stairs to investigate further.

There was a trap on the staircase, which the group deftly maneuvered after Kythos activated it. Kythos kicked down the door at the end before giving the party a chance to listen to the voices on the other side. There were three people on the opposite side of a small river. They began to reach for weapons, and so Meriele cast firebolt, knocking one man into the water and presumably killing him. Two guards on either side of the door, and those across the river, attacked Kythos knocked him unconscious quickly

Apparently, having some sort of concern with people falling unconscious, the hermit made his way around the group and threw himself over Kythos, telling the men not to attack him. Marros, a halfling who had done nothing thus far apart from cracking a joke about the half-ogre’s mother, cast a simple illusion above the guards across the river. It was a large spider coming down from the ceiling, and it frightened the guards greatly. When the guards attacked the illusion, they found that their weapons went through it. They yelled—in greater distress—“Fae spider!” and ran away.

“What’s going on?” One of the two guards beside them called, trying to understand how/why this rag-tag group had appeared and attacked them.

“Aren’t you King Fishers?” Marros asked. Instead of answering him, one of the guards tried to kick him into the water. Marros got around them, however, and spoke again. “So…yes?” He asked.

The guards answered affirmatively, and Marros announced that he was placing the two men under citizen’s arrest, which didn’t sit well with them either. They swung at the halfling, but missed. The hermit knocked out one of the men. Marros, Kythos, and Meriele attacked the other guard, knocking the man unconscious. Meriele tied up the men, and brought them over towards the river. Her intention was to dunk one in the water to wake him up, and then ask him questions about her gem, and the King Fishers. The others weren’t too keen on her preferred method of interrogation, however, and she inquired if they had any better ideas.

The two guards who had run away could be heard, planning to return. “Do you think it’s safe?” One asked. Though Kythos couldn’t see the men, that didn’t stop him from throwing one of his javelins into the dark, and striking one of the men. “Oh SHIT!” They heard, followed by the footsteps of the other guard, most likely, running away.

There had been a door that the three men were guarding, and since Meriele couldn’t find a bridge, she decided to cross the river. The hermit seemed to be getting across it just fine. Unfortunately, Meriele was dragged down stream and beneath the water. Something brushed against Meriele’s leg, and before she could get out of the water, she felt the teeth of a shark clamp down upon her leg. Marros cast a magic bolt of force, which startled the shark and it swam away. The hermit pulled her out of the water, though she was unconscious for the next four hours.

Marros and Hermit investigated the room, finding salted jerky. They ate and consumed some herbs, diminishing their judgment. They got the genius idea to put Meriele on a cart, so they could wheel her around while they looked for an exit.

Marros was hit by an arrow from the bird man, who demanded that they hand over the girl immediately. The Hermit picked up Marros and threw him over the cart. Marros landed close enough to cast burning hands on the bird, until the kenku held out his bag of loot, surrendering. Marros resisted temptation from his fiend, and he told the bird man to run. He confirmed the exit was in that direction, and then looked through the Kenku’s pouch, finding Meriele’s diamond and Wally’s relic, a finger bone.

Finally, they came across a bridge to go across the river. The tieflings brought the guards, putting them on the cart as well. They soon came across a ramp to the surface, and got directions to the nearest guard’s station to turn in the King Fishers guards. Marros sang the tale of their strife, with a more than healthy amount of exaggeration. They ate up the story, and were greatly impressed by the tale.

When Meriele woke and learned of the loot, she quickly demanded her diamond back. Later, Meriele was able to interrogate the prisoners, asking them what the King Fishers were planning and why she was involved in any of this. She learned that they recently split off the actual King Fishers gang and their leader, the Kenku, (who was the first mate on one of the ships), decided to separate from the rest of the gang. They weren’t making enough money, and so they decided to come to the city and chose an elf to kidnap because the noble was probably worth more than humans. The real King Fishers (rest of the dozen ships) were on their way, and so the bird-branch decided to flee the city.


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