How to Train Your Dragon

Firebolts- Session 4

As the party walked back through the square, a woman came up and stole from Meriele. The thief was stopped by Hermit, who offered his two gold in exchange for the bag. “What the hell are you doing?” Meriele yelled when she caught up to the pair. The woman was silent, looking for an exit, and Meriele changed the question. “Scars or King Fishers?”

Upon learning that the woman identified with the Scars gang, Meriele gave her the opportunity to join them. If Kenna helped them clear the tunnels of King Fishers, she could be cut in equally on their payment. Meriele figured (rightly) that Kenna would know more than them about the tunnels, and would be inclined to not be arrested for attempted thievery. Meriele returned to the embassy to find that her volatile disposition had made her lose her job. Meriele then went to the tavern where Marros was partying, drinking and complaining to Hermit until she passed out outside of it.

The next morning, Marros woke up with a woman, Marina, in his bed. He agreed to help her get on Tuki’s boat, and so the group went there for a quick meal. Hermit didn’t join them, but instead took off some his layers, revealing a plethora of tattoos as he caught fish with his hands. Bifur was still waiting for the group at the fishery. A suspicious fog began rolling in as the group was lowered by the winch, and they heard the distinct sound of cannon fire as they descended.

Though some of the party wanted to hide out in the tunnel, Marros pulled the chain to have them brought back up, where they witnessed a naval battle. A Green Dragon emerged from the fog. “I’m your master and you are my future slaves.” The dragon roared before diving into the water. Hermit dove in as well, witnessing the dragon disappear into an underwater cave, which seemed to lead to the tunnels they had investigated earlier. He returned to the boat and they went back into the tunnel, since Hermit didn’t admit the dragon was down there until they were descending.

The dragon was arguing with another, asking where its subjects were. Marros called out to the dragon, making it angry, before he hid behind Kenna. Hermit and Kythos got off of the boat, but the other three hid on the boat as the Green Dragon tried to sneak up on the group. Marros could see farther than most halflings and cast Elderitch Blast. He illuminated the dragon for long enough for Kenna to fire the harpoon, injuring the dragon greatly. It swam away, but pulled Marros along with him. Hermit ran up and jumped into the water, grabbing the rope as well. The dragon then flew back towards the group, to be punched by the Hermit from the water. They continued to fight the dragon, who eventually fell from the air, destroying the boat with Meriele still on it. Hermit helped her free herself from the sinking dragon, but before they surfaced, the dragon flew back into the air and breathed poison, rendering Kythos and Marros unconscious in moments.

Hermit punched the dragon once more, and after Kenna shot it with her bow, the dragon fell into the water once more. Hermit stabilized Marros and Kythos, and when a smaller dragon appeared, Meriele managed to convince it to let them leave, rather than fighting it as well. He claimed to only want to tend to his wounded family, and Meriele understood the desire to help family at all costs. The dragon agreed to go further South with the King Fishers. When Meriele expressed that she couldn’t get back across the small river, he allowed her to ride him across before he dove down into the water.

Kenna led the way out of the tunnels, and they brought Kythos and Marros to the paladin’s temple to heal. Wally gave each of the people something for their work, new armor, boots, and a mysterious wand. When they reported that the King Fishers were not going to be coming back, they each received 200 gold.

One week later, Marros made a deal with Marina to avoid killing Tuki. Marina wanted Marros to kill some devils who were working with the Scars. Since the Scars being more violent and territorial was a problem for everyone, the group agreed to help him. They came across a group of Scars members, the leader of whom had a rat on his shoulder. The leader, Uri, was known to both Kenna and Marros, though he seemed uncharacteristically hostile towards the group’s presence in their territory. Kythos could sense the evil in the rat, and tried to grab it, only to be bitten by it. Marros cast witch bolt, exploding the rat.

Marros revealed that they were being influenced by devils, and two of the men immediately put their arms up, not wanting to be involved with devils. Meriele made two of the other men blind with a color spray spell, and they surrendered quickly. Though they tried to reason with Uri, he was subdued by the two underlings who didn’t want to be involved with devils. Meanwhile, the group learned that there were two more devils watching from the buildings.

Hermit jumped up the side of one of the buildings to attack one devil, fighting with him even as the pair fell off of the building. The rest of the group, including the men who could see again, helped them take out the devils, though Meriele accidentally summoned butterflies and flower-petals when she tried to magic missle one of the devils. The devils were soon destroyed, Kenna stabilized Kythos, and Marros snapped Uri out of the possessed state. The group reminded the Scars not to be so hostile, and then released them to continue with their minor criminal efforts. With his end of the bargain upheld, Marros was able to confirm with Marina that Tuki’s life was safe, at least for now.


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How to Train Your Dragon
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