Fish in a Barrel

Firebolts- Session 3

Over the week, Arnder sold the goods from the tunnels to benefit the temple, with Tuki’s help getting a gem-cutter. Marros built up hype about the group’s exploits—and their name, Firebolts: A Group of Odd Fellows. At the Elven embassy, the officials were grateful to hear that an elf had taken an interest in the human affairs, and defended the group.

Upon learning that a fleet was coming, Meriele’s new bodyguard, Quwaizar, sought out Tuki to tell him this information, finally finding him at the embassy. “There’s danger coming to the city!” Quwaizar warned the man. Quwaizar explained what he learned from Meriele. Tuki then held a meeting to announce that the King Fishers were on their way, and the viziers offered the group a hefty sum to clear the tunnels of Kings Fishers.

Bifur shared there was a secret boat lift at Havard’s Fishery, an entrance Quwaizar suggested they use, since the Fishers had already seen use the drainage. Upon going to Tuki for information about this fishery, the Firebolts were invited to dinner. Though the food was extravagant, Meriele was cross that they couldn’t get information immediately. She and Quwaizar left, getting information from Scars members instead.

Both groups learned about the brick building with a secret entrance. Bifur returned, adding that someone needed to turn the winch, and Quwaizar offered him the position. Quwaizar and Bifur went to the fishery to scout it out, finding a raucous crowd that grew suspicious of him quickly.

Marros entered when Quwaizar didn’t return, and chaos ensued. Quwaizar moved to the rafters and pulled his bow, along with a few pirates. Marros set several people on fire. Meriele cast an auditory illusion to make the pirates think that guards and Scars members were outside. Quite a few of them made an effort to run out off of the docks.

Quwaizar and Bifur soon convinced the pirates in the fishery to put down their weapons, and placed them under arrest, along with tending to the wounded. Arnder and Meriele went to the dock to catch the men who had fled. Meriele set their escape boat and harpoon on fire, while Arnder tried reasoning with them.

He learned that a new tiefling recruit had wanted to be just like Melcha—Arnder’s pirate mother. “I know that the temptation to join the King Fishers is great, but all you would be doing us hurting innocent people for your own personal gains, and that would be the same as the wrongs that have been done to you in the past. So lay down your arms and surrender.” Arnder explained, his words pacifying the men.

However, two of the men who had fled the fishery had tried to swim away, to be thwarted by an aboleth appearing. It wrapped its tentacles around one swimmer, crushing him. “Foolish recruits. You think you are worthy of serving my master.” The words echoed in their heads. Arnder threw a rope to the living man still in the water. Though the creature grabbed on, the former recruits and Meriele helped Arnder, and they pulled the man to safety.

A man Meriele had set on fire grabbed the harpoon and hit the creature, snapping the front of the boat when it dove into the water. The creature got away, but Arnder was able to stabilize the man and they were all taken into custody as well.

Arnder and Bifur took a boat to retrieve the deceased. Arnder learned from Bifur that he had a sister, to whom they delivered the body and news. The woman, Serena, gave him a necklace—her brother’s lucky amulet. He wore it when he was out at sea as a token of Muldren’s favor. It was a gift his father had crafted to help him swim when he was young.

The group decided to take a boat from the fishery instead, and after letting Tuki know, the group returned to the fishery with Hermit as well. Bifur operated the winch for them, lowering them into the tunnel system.

Though the place seemed empty, a wave bounced against the ship, and the group heard splashes. The boat rocked and Marros fell in, surrounded by fish men with spears and nets. Meriele threw in a rope for Marros to grab, but Marros couldn’t see in the dark water. Instead, he cast tentacles of dark energy, and then climbed up to the path, joined by Hermit.

Marros was temporarily restrained by a net. Quwaizar harpooned one of the attackers, impaling him to the stone. One fish man tried to drag away Hermit, but Meriele shocked him again and Hermit freed himself. Eventually, the fish creatures that were alive fled. The group returned to the boat, and continued down the passage.

The water level in the room began to rise, and the group heard some sort of electrical mechanism. Soon their possible exits, like the passages, were filled with water. When they reached the end of the passage, they found a door moving up and water pouring in. Quwaizar launched a harpoon at the door, and reeled it in to bring them closer to the door more quickly. He fired two more harpoons at the top of the door, the second one making the door, and water, stop.

There were some very small passages in the upper corners of the room. There were also air bubbles coming up from beneath them. Arnder dove down towards the bubbles, finding a glass bottle with seemingly endless air. He also saw a perfect large cylinder in the other room extending beyond his vision. Arnder found and pulled a lever, which made the door lower, and the water get sucked out.

The upper corner chambers that the group saw were pouring water now, so it was fortunate that the group had not tried to climb up in them. When the water level receded, the group decided that rather than try to investigate the recently flooded passages, they would return to the tunnels later.


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