Time to Deal with Earth
Firebolts - Session 7

A limited Firebolts, lacking Arnder and Meriele, returned to Darval’s tomb. They sent a group of Scars into the Air section of the tomb and ventured into the Earth section. In there they were fondled by a wall of hands, Kythos was mostly naked, and some Earth genie bullshit happened.

Coming out after getting the Earth genie’s cooperation, they found that some of the Scars were lost in magical fog in the Air section and are presumed dead.

Catching Fire
Firebolts- Session 6

Over the last hour, the clouds darkened and formed into a funnel shape which seemed to go into the top of the pyramid. Ollimar, the leader of the group, believed that the weather formation was some sort of countdown—that something else was going to happen. To get a handle on the situation, two of Ollimar’s people joined up with some of the Firebolts who were ready to get back in the tomb. They gathered some supplies, rope, healing potions, etc, and entered the tomb, going to the main chamber. There were four entrances from the main room, each designated by one of the four elements. Naturally, the group chose fire first. When they opened the door, using a tinderbox to activate a bowl in front of the door, they saw that the entrance seemed to be raining oil. Marros rushed in, and stepped immediately on a pressure plate. Further in the room, soldier statues with lit torches began to move, their arms lowering towards the water. With a ramp in the room, it was obvious that once the torch hit the pool of oil, there would be a large explosion. Meriele ran ahead through the oil as well, and teleported past another trap that Marros had activated, with balls of fire being shot back and forth across the walkway.

Meriele pressed the button to stop the torch arms, and a new door opened. She didn’t enter until the others arrived, with the tieflings holding their shields to protect the others from getting a bit oily, and one of Ollimar’s crew finding the switch to stop the fire from being shot back and forth so that they could pass. The next room had a path that led to a wall, which was curved a bit, and seemed to be the ceiling as well. The path seemed to continue on the ceiling, and lead to a door that was upside-down.

Though they spent some time investigating the bowl, which seemed to have magic fire in it, the group didn’t touch it. Instead, they realized that if they stepped on the stairs, gravity shifted, and they were able to simply walk to the door. When they got through it, though, a skull head appeared behind them in the magic fire. Through a brief conversation, they learned that Grand Vizier Toth was an elf who had once enslaved Darval, and later helped design the tomb. He explained that each path represented a different part of Darval’s journey. Fire was about the soldiers, earth was about the slaves, air was about the harem, and water was about the council. They proceeded to another room, where a skeleton called for the group to halt, and demanded to know what they were doing.

Marros yelled that they had come for loot, and they began to attack. Marros got himself set on fire, having previously been covered in oil, and when he jumped into the water in the middle of the room, he was attacked by a giant water snake. Meriele killed both of the skeletons with a bit of assistance from Toth. Arnder and Marros attacked the water snake, which dragged Marros down towards the grate. The snake disappeared in the water, but they were able to retrieve Marros, and clean oil off the rest of them as well.

The next part of their journey brought them to the fire plane. They came across and enslaved Azer, a flaming dwarf chained up. Meriele, Marros, Percil, and Main went first, and snuck past both the slave and the devils that were lounging in a lava pit nearby. The door was in plain sight, however, so they hid around a corner until the others arrived. When Kythos walked by the Azer, however, he tripped and alerted everyone. Recovering quickly, he looked at the slave, whose tempo had changed, and yelled, “How dare you, Slave!”

When the devils questioned the appearance of the two tieflings, Toth helped cover for them, claiming that the Azer was requested to do inventory, now that Darval was getting ready to rise once more. The devils bought the lie, and agreed to help encourage the other slaves to continue to perform, a remark with greatly upset the paladins.

Though Kythos and Arnder tried to smite the pair, they failed, and a larger conflict emerged. The devils admitted they could smell Glasya, and Marros, who had come out, responded that the smell was “a helluva lot better than you.” The attacks continued, with Kythos giving the dwarf a sword so that he could defend himself. Meriele took care of an illusion to cover Percil as she picked the lock for the door, to provide them with an escape. When one of the devils went back to a lava pit, seeming to heal once more, Meriele shot it with a chromatic orb, destroying that one. Kythos and Marros took care of the other one. After that, the Azer, Lir, revealed that there were thousands more slaves, and he would set himself on the task of freeing as many as he could.

The next room they came upon, after a bit more walking, was a bit strange, with a dragon shrine of sorts. There was a demand in the room for a sacrifice. Either the pot needed to be filled with a great deal of gold, or the sacrifice of someone’s life. They tried to dump the body of one of the devils, but it was ineffective. They learned from Lir, though, when they returned to the fire plane, that there was plenty of silver ingots in the plane, and they filled a large container, far more than enough to fill the sacrificial bowl. The room beyond that held a more terrifying sight—hundreds of skeletons battling each other, and an imposing genie at the center. With such a huge room, there was no way that they could go by unseen, and they needed the cooperation of the genie anyway.

Meriele explained that their only purpose was to get into Darval’s chamber to acquire a weapon that needed to be destroyed, and she didn’t really care who gained control of the lamp. She knew from Toth that whichever genie controlled the lamp got their freedom, and enslaved the other three, and she didn’t care of the fire demon got control of it. The genie suggested a meal, to which Marros happily agreed. The genie revealed that he had tests for the group, for them to prove that they would be good allies for him.

Kythos maintained himself while fighting the genie’s champion. Meriele trounced the genie in the Changes of Seasons. Finally, the Genie asked the leader of the party—volunteered by Marros—to help coordinate a skirmish. The group needed to defend their door and take the other, but with Arnder’s advice, they developed a plan to have their skeletons attack from the center, in a wedge form, and from the ceiling as well. The skirmish didn’t last long, the genie cut it off when he decided that this would be a good group to rely on for him to get in and get his lamp. The group departed with their silver ingots, bringing them to the camp once more to rest.

The Octahedral Ossuary
Firebolts- Session 5

The Scars were ‘freed’ from working for the devils, and gained a divine leader. In that week, the members of the gang became…oddly less scarred, re-growing entire limbs. The Firebolts called a meeting, after the members gained various pieces of information about potential things that needed their attention. They met at The Drop Anchor, and decided that learning more about the Scars’ leader who was apparently capable of altering lives. There were also a number of people disappearing from near the water, and Tuki suddenly retired from his position. Though Meriele wanted to investigate the sudden change in Tuki’s job, Marros reassured that there wasn’t anything to worry about, and they should continue.

The Scars were leaving for the desert when the Firebolts arrived, and were eager for the support from the group. They were setting out for a pyramid in the desert, where they would find an evil object and retrieve it for their new leader, Nyya, to be destroyed. The item, from the Tomb of Daurval, took the life-force of slaves to be used by the leader. Daurval was a former slave himself, but was far more violent than the masters that had ruled over him.

When they arrived at the temple, a few days later, they built a scaffold to reach the floating pyramid. They had workers chiseling the base open. There were some etchings on the wall, like a scourge with 9 ends and chains. A swarm of beetles appeared and attacked the carvers. A few attacks later, the beetles dispersed, but a menacing whisper could be heard from the ground. Some of the people, like Meriele, Kenna, went for the scaffolding, planning to get off the ground to get away from the noise. Hermit, instead, put his ear to the ground, and was attacked as the first of a few dark shadows appeared and began to attack the party. A hole then appeared under the scaffolding, though the carvers at the top didn’t seem to notice. The shadows continued to multiply, reappearing in greater numbers when others were punched and magic-ed out of existence.

Kenna managed to get into the pyramid, and worked with the carvers to align some mirrors and redirect light out of the entrance. When it hit the last piece, the shadows disappeared, and the hole closed. Rather than continuing further into the pyramid, Kenna and the carvers left, moving back down the scaffolding to get away from the pyramid and rest with the rest of the scars members until they were ready to investigate the tomb together.

How to Train Your Dragon
Firebolts- Session 4

As the party walked back through the square, a woman came up and stole from Meriele. The thief was stopped by Hermit, who offered his two gold in exchange for the bag. “What the hell are you doing?” Meriele yelled when she caught up to the pair. The woman was silent, looking for an exit, and Meriele changed the question. “Scars or King Fishers?”

Upon learning that the woman identified with the Scars gang, Meriele gave her the opportunity to join them. If Kenna helped them clear the tunnels of King Fishers, she could be cut in equally on their payment. Meriele figured (rightly) that Kenna would know more than them about the tunnels, and would be inclined to not be arrested for attempted thievery. Meriele returned to the embassy to find that her volatile disposition had made her lose her job. Meriele then went to the tavern where Marros was partying, drinking and complaining to Hermit until she passed out outside of it.

The next morning, Marros woke up with a woman, Marina, in his bed. He agreed to help her get on Tuki’s boat, and so the group went there for a quick meal. Hermit didn’t join them, but instead took off some his layers, revealing a plethora of tattoos as he caught fish with his hands. Bifur was still waiting for the group at the fishery. A suspicious fog began rolling in as the group was lowered by the winch, and they heard the distinct sound of cannon fire as they descended.

Though some of the party wanted to hide out in the tunnel, Marros pulled the chain to have them brought back up, where they witnessed a naval battle. A Green Dragon emerged from the fog. “I’m your master and you are my future slaves.” The dragon roared before diving into the water. Hermit dove in as well, witnessing the dragon disappear into an underwater cave, which seemed to lead to the tunnels they had investigated earlier. He returned to the boat and they went back into the tunnel, since Hermit didn’t admit the dragon was down there until they were descending.

The dragon was arguing with another, asking where its subjects were. Marros called out to the dragon, making it angry, before he hid behind Kenna. Hermit and Kythos got off of the boat, but the other three hid on the boat as the Green Dragon tried to sneak up on the group. Marros could see farther than most halflings and cast Elderitch Blast. He illuminated the dragon for long enough for Kenna to fire the harpoon, injuring the dragon greatly. It swam away, but pulled Marros along with him. Hermit ran up and jumped into the water, grabbing the rope as well. The dragon then flew back towards the group, to be punched by the Hermit from the water. They continued to fight the dragon, who eventually fell from the air, destroying the boat with Meriele still on it. Hermit helped her free herself from the sinking dragon, but before they surfaced, the dragon flew back into the air and breathed poison, rendering Kythos and Marros unconscious in moments.

Hermit punched the dragon once more, and after Kenna shot it with her bow, the dragon fell into the water once more. Hermit stabilized Marros and Kythos, and when a smaller dragon appeared, Meriele managed to convince it to let them leave, rather than fighting it as well. He claimed to only want to tend to his wounded family, and Meriele understood the desire to help family at all costs. The dragon agreed to go further South with the King Fishers. When Meriele expressed that she couldn’t get back across the small river, he allowed her to ride him across before he dove down into the water.

Kenna led the way out of the tunnels, and they brought Kythos and Marros to the paladin’s temple to heal. Wally gave each of the people something for their work, new armor, boots, and a mysterious wand. When they reported that the King Fishers were not going to be coming back, they each received 200 gold.

One week later, Marros made a deal with Marina to avoid killing Tuki. Marina wanted Marros to kill some devils who were working with the Scars. Since the Scars being more violent and territorial was a problem for everyone, the group agreed to help him. They came across a group of Scars members, the leader of whom had a rat on his shoulder. The leader, Uri, was known to both Kenna and Marros, though he seemed uncharacteristically hostile towards the group’s presence in their territory. Kythos could sense the evil in the rat, and tried to grab it, only to be bitten by it. Marros cast witch bolt, exploding the rat.

Marros revealed that they were being influenced by devils, and two of the men immediately put their arms up, not wanting to be involved with devils. Meriele made two of the other men blind with a color spray spell, and they surrendered quickly. Though they tried to reason with Uri, he was subdued by the two underlings who didn’t want to be involved with devils. Meanwhile, the group learned that there were two more devils watching from the buildings.

Hermit jumped up the side of one of the buildings to attack one devil, fighting with him even as the pair fell off of the building. The rest of the group, including the men who could see again, helped them take out the devils, though Meriele accidentally summoned butterflies and flower-petals when she tried to magic missle one of the devils. The devils were soon destroyed, Kenna stabilized Kythos, and Marros snapped Uri out of the possessed state. The group reminded the Scars not to be so hostile, and then released them to continue with their minor criminal efforts. With his end of the bargain upheld, Marros was able to confirm with Marina that Tuki’s life was safe, at least for now.

Fish in a Barrel
Firebolts- Session 3

Over the week, Arnder sold the goods from the tunnels to benefit the temple, with Tuki’s help getting a gem-cutter. Marros built up hype about the group’s exploits—and their name, Firebolts: A Group of Odd Fellows. At the Elven embassy, the officials were grateful to hear that an elf had taken an interest in the human affairs, and defended the group.

Upon learning that a fleet was coming, Meriele’s new bodyguard, Quwaizar, sought out Tuki to tell him this information, finally finding him at the embassy. “There’s danger coming to the city!” Quwaizar warned the man. Quwaizar explained what he learned from Meriele. Tuki then held a meeting to announce that the King Fishers were on their way, and the viziers offered the group a hefty sum to clear the tunnels of Kings Fishers.

Bifur shared there was a secret boat lift at Havard’s Fishery, an entrance Quwaizar suggested they use, since the Fishers had already seen use the drainage. Upon going to Tuki for information about this fishery, the Firebolts were invited to dinner. Though the food was extravagant, Meriele was cross that they couldn’t get information immediately. She and Quwaizar left, getting information from Scars members instead.

Both groups learned about the brick building with a secret entrance. Bifur returned, adding that someone needed to turn the winch, and Quwaizar offered him the position. Quwaizar and Bifur went to the fishery to scout it out, finding a raucous crowd that grew suspicious of him quickly.

Marros entered when Quwaizar didn’t return, and chaos ensued. Quwaizar moved to the rafters and pulled his bow, along with a few pirates. Marros set several people on fire. Meriele cast an auditory illusion to make the pirates think that guards and Scars members were outside. Quite a few of them made an effort to run out off of the docks.

Quwaizar and Bifur soon convinced the pirates in the fishery to put down their weapons, and placed them under arrest, along with tending to the wounded. Arnder and Meriele went to the dock to catch the men who had fled. Meriele set their escape boat and harpoon on fire, while Arnder tried reasoning with them.

He learned that a new tiefling recruit had wanted to be just like Melcha—Arnder’s pirate mother. “I know that the temptation to join the King Fishers is great, but all you would be doing us hurting innocent people for your own personal gains, and that would be the same as the wrongs that have been done to you in the past. So lay down your arms and surrender.” Arnder explained, his words pacifying the men.

However, two of the men who had fled the fishery had tried to swim away, to be thwarted by an aboleth appearing. It wrapped its tentacles around one swimmer, crushing him. “Foolish recruits. You think you are worthy of serving my master.” The words echoed in their heads. Arnder threw a rope to the living man still in the water. Though the creature grabbed on, the former recruits and Meriele helped Arnder, and they pulled the man to safety.

A man Meriele had set on fire grabbed the harpoon and hit the creature, snapping the front of the boat when it dove into the water. The creature got away, but Arnder was able to stabilize the man and they were all taken into custody as well.

Arnder and Bifur took a boat to retrieve the deceased. Arnder learned from Bifur that he had a sister, to whom they delivered the body and news. The woman, Serena, gave him a necklace—her brother’s lucky amulet. He wore it when he was out at sea as a token of Muldren’s favor. It was a gift his father had crafted to help him swim when he was young.

The group decided to take a boat from the fishery instead, and after letting Tuki know, the group returned to the fishery with Hermit as well. Bifur operated the winch for them, lowering them into the tunnel system.

Though the place seemed empty, a wave bounced against the ship, and the group heard splashes. The boat rocked and Marros fell in, surrounded by fish men with spears and nets. Meriele threw in a rope for Marros to grab, but Marros couldn’t see in the dark water. Instead, he cast tentacles of dark energy, and then climbed up to the path, joined by Hermit.

Marros was temporarily restrained by a net. Quwaizar harpooned one of the attackers, impaling him to the stone. One fish man tried to drag away Hermit, but Meriele shocked him again and Hermit freed himself. Eventually, the fish creatures that were alive fled. The group returned to the boat, and continued down the passage.

The water level in the room began to rise, and the group heard some sort of electrical mechanism. Soon their possible exits, like the passages, were filled with water. When they reached the end of the passage, they found a door moving up and water pouring in. Quwaizar launched a harpoon at the door, and reeled it in to bring them closer to the door more quickly. He fired two more harpoons at the top of the door, the second one making the door, and water, stop.

There were some very small passages in the upper corners of the room. There were also air bubbles coming up from beneath them. Arnder dove down towards the bubbles, finding a glass bottle with seemingly endless air. He also saw a perfect large cylinder in the other room extending beyond his vision. Arnder found and pulled a lever, which made the door lower, and the water get sucked out.

The upper corner chambers that the group saw were pouring water now, so it was fortunate that the group had not tried to climb up in them. When the water level receded, the group decided that rather than try to investigate the recently flooded passages, they would return to the tunnels later.

Of Hobbits and Hermits
Firebolts- Session 2

Tuki had become concerned about the group’s continued absence. He got some volunteers to go down to the sewer to check out what had happened. By the time the new recruits got down to the sewers, whoever had fired at the ogre had disappeared. Knowing which direction they came from, Meriele and Kythos went looking for what had to be a secret exit. Kythos also admitted that he heard the sound of stone-on-stone, which could have been a door sliding up, or to the side, to reveal a passage.

The Hermit appeared and healed the ogre, who then told the group about the pressure plate for the tunnel entrance. The door slid away to reveal a set of stairs leading further underground. Wally and Arnder brought the ogre back to the surface to be arrested. The hermit, a halfling, and a human joined the other tiefling and elf going down the stairs to investigate further.

There was a trap on the staircase, which the group deftly maneuvered after Kythos activated it. Kythos kicked down the door at the end before giving the party a chance to listen to the voices on the other side. There were three people on the opposite side of a small river. They began to reach for weapons, and so Meriele cast firebolt, knocking one man into the water and presumably killing him. Two guards on either side of the door, and those across the river, attacked Kythos knocked him unconscious quickly

Apparently, having some sort of concern with people falling unconscious, the hermit made his way around the group and threw himself over Kythos, telling the men not to attack him. Marros, a halfling who had done nothing thus far apart from cracking a joke about the half-ogre’s mother, cast a simple illusion above the guards across the river. It was a large spider coming down from the ceiling, and it frightened the guards greatly. When the guards attacked the illusion, they found that their weapons went through it. They yelled—in greater distress—“Fae spider!” and ran away.

“What’s going on?” One of the two guards beside them called, trying to understand how/why this rag-tag group had appeared and attacked them.

“Aren’t you King Fishers?” Marros asked. Instead of answering him, one of the guards tried to kick him into the water. Marros got around them, however, and spoke again. “So…yes?” He asked.

The guards answered affirmatively, and Marros announced that he was placing the two men under citizen’s arrest, which didn’t sit well with them either. They swung at the halfling, but missed. The hermit knocked out one of the men. Marros, Kythos, and Meriele attacked the other guard, knocking the man unconscious. Meriele tied up the men, and brought them over towards the river. Her intention was to dunk one in the water to wake him up, and then ask him questions about her gem, and the King Fishers. The others weren’t too keen on her preferred method of interrogation, however, and she inquired if they had any better ideas.

The two guards who had run away could be heard, planning to return. “Do you think it’s safe?” One asked. Though Kythos couldn’t see the men, that didn’t stop him from throwing one of his javelins into the dark, and striking one of the men. “Oh SHIT!” They heard, followed by the footsteps of the other guard, most likely, running away.

There had been a door that the three men were guarding, and since Meriele couldn’t find a bridge, she decided to cross the river. The hermit seemed to be getting across it just fine. Unfortunately, Meriele was dragged down stream and beneath the water. Something brushed against Meriele’s leg, and before she could get out of the water, she felt the teeth of a shark clamp down upon her leg. Marros cast a magic bolt of force, which startled the shark and it swam away. The hermit pulled her out of the water, though she was unconscious for the next four hours.

Marros and Hermit investigated the room, finding salted jerky. They ate and consumed some herbs, diminishing their judgment. They got the genius idea to put Meriele on a cart, so they could wheel her around while they looked for an exit.

Marros was hit by an arrow from the bird man, who demanded that they hand over the girl immediately. The Hermit picked up Marros and threw him over the cart. Marros landed close enough to cast burning hands on the bird, until the kenku held out his bag of loot, surrendering. Marros resisted temptation from his fiend, and he told the bird man to run. He confirmed the exit was in that direction, and then looked through the Kenku’s pouch, finding Meriele’s diamond and Wally’s relic, a finger bone.

Finally, they came across a bridge to go across the river. The tieflings brought the guards, putting them on the cart as well. They soon came across a ramp to the surface, and got directions to the nearest guard’s station to turn in the King Fishers guards. Marros sang the tale of their strife, with a more than healthy amount of exaggeration. They ate up the story, and were greatly impressed by the tale.

When Meriele woke and learned of the loot, she quickly demanded her diamond back. Later, Meriele was able to interrogate the prisoners, asking them what the King Fishers were planning and why she was involved in any of this. She learned that they recently split off the actual King Fishers gang and their leader, the Kenku, (who was the first mate on one of the ships), decided to separate from the rest of the gang. They weren’t making enough money, and so they decided to come to the city and chose an elf to kidnap because the noble was probably worth more than humans. The real King Fishers (rest of the dozen ships) were on their way, and so the bird-branch decided to flee the city.

Birds of a Feather
Firebolts- Session 1

Menevrien: the City of Gates, the biggest (or possibly just the most populated) city on the planet. The diversity helped Meriele actually tolerate the place where she was currently employed as emissary. Unfortunately, this morning the elf was infuriated. Her gem was missing, and was replaced with three feathers—blue, white, and orange. She used the gem to cast a spell, and it cost over 60 gp. She found her half-elf assistant, Sauriel, who explained that the feathers were a calling card of a pirate organization known for blackmail and kidnapping. Sauriel suggested that Mariele flee, but Mariele wasn’t keen on running from her troubles. Instead, she hoped to track the group down and make sure that they learned why they shouldn’t mess with her.

She went to some nobles next to ask about the Kingfishers, learning only that they had a dispute with a local gang called the Scars. With little success there, she went to the docks. She found a noble-ish human named Tuki, a large middle-eastern man who had his own sailing vessel. Though she asked about the pirates, the man didn’t have much information to offer her. “That’s what I get for relying on a human for information.” She muttered as she turned on her heel to depart.

Tuki approached her once more, asking her to wait for a moment. “I think we got off on the wrong foot,” The man began, eager to make peace with her. He recommended that she seek out the Scar, and stated that their base was at a pub called the Frothy Dune. Tuki led the way, claiming that if Mariele went of her own accord, she would certainly lose her purse.

Tuki brought Mariele to a man he knew, who brushed her off immediately. One-handed Walibus, the paladin, had also been robbed that morning. More specifically, he believed that he was set up by the King Fishers, with one of the relics of his temple stolen that morning. When she mentioned that her gem had been stolen, however, Wally suddenly began to care. He mentioned that there was a Kenku, bird person, he believed to be involved in the theft. He wanted to get some help, and so he led Mariele back to his temple. He picked up two of his prodigies, both tieflings, oddly enough, and they joined the group eagerly. Arnder and Kythos had spent their morning sparring, even without the instruction of their leader, Walibus. The ‘spar’ hadn’t lasted long, though, because Arnder was knocked out in one blow from his counterpart.

Helping them once more, Tuki gave a rowboat to the group to use to investigate the sewers of which the King Fishers had seized control. Arnder jumped into the boat, landing perfectly. Kythos jumped into the boat next, but he overshot the boat completely, landing in the water. Arnder kept his balance, threw a rope in, and pulled him up, getting the now-soaking paladin out of the water. Mariele and Wally chose to not compete, and climbed down calmly so that the group could make their way to the sewer.

It was dark inside the sewer, and Wally needed a torch to see. Kythos and Arnder sensed something evil. Kythos demanded that the evil creature show itself, and the moment an imp appeared, he smashed it with his weapon, throwing the now-bloody carcass across the sewer into the wall. Mariele couldn’t help but wonder if he had really sensed the imp, or had just been sensing the other tiefling.

“Help me!” A female voice called out. Arnder ran immediately towards it, not remembering or realizing that the Kenku they sought could mimic the sounds of voices it had heard. He was hit with an arrow that was shot from beyond what the group could see. Mariele shot a crate with a firebolt, causing it to burst into flames. The fire illuminated a fair amount more of the passage, for both the group and their foe.

The fire brought more than just illumination. It also brought a half-ogre. He ran through the fire towards the group, who defended themselves. An arrow hit and knocked out Arnder, who had tried to go around through a different path to sneak up behind the ogre. Soon Kythos was unconscious as well. Mariele hit the ogre with another firebolt, and he surrendered. Mariele wondered what would be the advantage of keeping the creature alive. “Do you care?” she asked Wally.

Of course he cared. “We can take him in.” He replied, already restraining the ogre. Mariele and Wally stabilized the unconscious paladins, and the group soon investigated the rest of the crates in the area. Whoever had attacked them was gone—for now. The crates held oranges (to prevent scurvy at sea, presumably), linens, wheat, salt, coal, leather gloves and boots. They also found a quiver and 4 arrows, and a jeweler’s lope.

Arnder and Wally spoke with the ogre, Bifur, learning it wouldn’t be the first time the half-ogre went to jail. He said some useful things, like he used to work for the Scars, but the King Fishers took over and he was spared. He was meant to guard this door, only letting King Fishers pass. He also said that they didn’t exit the same way they came in.

Mariele investigated the coal a bit more, and learned that it was more akin to ore. When she looked through the jeweler’s lope, she saw beyond what must have been a visual cloak, but quickly learned that the lope also projected the thoughts of the person using the device. She quickly passed it off to one of the tieflings, not interested in her thoughts being broadcast for the group. The group prepared to take the crates back to civilization, possibly to sell for money, or maybe even to try to find their rightful owners. Before they were able to get away, however, the ogre was hit with an arrow, and the party was under attack once again.


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