The Octahedral Ossuary

Firebolts- Session 5

The Scars were ‘freed’ from working for the devils, and gained a divine leader. In that week, the members of the gang became…oddly less scarred, re-growing entire limbs. The Firebolts called a meeting, after the members gained various pieces of information about potential things that needed their attention. They met at The Drop Anchor, and decided that learning more about the Scars’ leader who was apparently capable of altering lives. There were also a number of people disappearing from near the water, and Tuki suddenly retired from his position. Though Meriele wanted to investigate the sudden change in Tuki’s job, Marros reassured that there wasn’t anything to worry about, and they should continue.

The Scars were leaving for the desert when the Firebolts arrived, and were eager for the support from the group. They were setting out for a pyramid in the desert, where they would find an evil object and retrieve it for their new leader, Nyya, to be destroyed. The item, from the Tomb of Daurval, took the life-force of slaves to be used by the leader. Daurval was a former slave himself, but was far more violent than the masters that had ruled over him.

When they arrived at the temple, a few days later, they built a scaffold to reach the floating pyramid. They had workers chiseling the base open. There were some etchings on the wall, like a scourge with 9 ends and chains. A swarm of beetles appeared and attacked the carvers. A few attacks later, the beetles dispersed, but a menacing whisper could be heard from the ground. Some of the people, like Meriele, Kenna, went for the scaffolding, planning to get off the ground to get away from the noise. Hermit, instead, put his ear to the ground, and was attacked as the first of a few dark shadows appeared and began to attack the party. A hole then appeared under the scaffolding, though the carvers at the top didn’t seem to notice. The shadows continued to multiply, reappearing in greater numbers when others were punched and magic-ed out of existence.

Kenna managed to get into the pyramid, and worked with the carvers to align some mirrors and redirect light out of the entrance. When it hit the last piece, the shadows disappeared, and the hole closed. Rather than continuing further into the pyramid, Kenna and the carvers left, moving back down the scaffolding to get away from the pyramid and rest with the rest of the scars members until they were ready to investigate the tomb together.


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