Catching Fire

Firebolts- Session 6

Over the last hour, the clouds darkened and formed into a funnel shape which seemed to go into the top of the pyramid. Ollimar, the leader of the group, believed that the weather formation was some sort of countdown—that something else was going to happen. To get a handle on the situation, two of Ollimar’s people joined up with some of the Firebolts who were ready to get back in the tomb. They gathered some supplies, rope, healing potions, etc, and entered the tomb, going to the main chamber. There were four entrances from the main room, each designated by one of the four elements. Naturally, the group chose fire first. When they opened the door, using a tinderbox to activate a bowl in front of the door, they saw that the entrance seemed to be raining oil. Marros rushed in, and stepped immediately on a pressure plate. Further in the room, soldier statues with lit torches began to move, their arms lowering towards the water. With a ramp in the room, it was obvious that once the torch hit the pool of oil, there would be a large explosion. Meriele ran ahead through the oil as well, and teleported past another trap that Marros had activated, with balls of fire being shot back and forth across the walkway.

Meriele pressed the button to stop the torch arms, and a new door opened. She didn’t enter until the others arrived, with the tieflings holding their shields to protect the others from getting a bit oily, and one of Ollimar’s crew finding the switch to stop the fire from being shot back and forth so that they could pass. The next room had a path that led to a wall, which was curved a bit, and seemed to be the ceiling as well. The path seemed to continue on the ceiling, and lead to a door that was upside-down.

Though they spent some time investigating the bowl, which seemed to have magic fire in it, the group didn’t touch it. Instead, they realized that if they stepped on the stairs, gravity shifted, and they were able to simply walk to the door. When they got through it, though, a skull head appeared behind them in the magic fire. Through a brief conversation, they learned that Grand Vizier Toth was an elf who had once enslaved Darval, and later helped design the tomb. He explained that each path represented a different part of Darval’s journey. Fire was about the soldiers, earth was about the slaves, air was about the harem, and water was about the council. They proceeded to another room, where a skeleton called for the group to halt, and demanded to know what they were doing.

Marros yelled that they had come for loot, and they began to attack. Marros got himself set on fire, having previously been covered in oil, and when he jumped into the water in the middle of the room, he was attacked by a giant water snake. Meriele killed both of the skeletons with a bit of assistance from Toth. Arnder and Marros attacked the water snake, which dragged Marros down towards the grate. The snake disappeared in the water, but they were able to retrieve Marros, and clean oil off the rest of them as well.

The next part of their journey brought them to the fire plane. They came across and enslaved Azer, a flaming dwarf chained up. Meriele, Marros, Percil, and Main went first, and snuck past both the slave and the devils that were lounging in a lava pit nearby. The door was in plain sight, however, so they hid around a corner until the others arrived. When Kythos walked by the Azer, however, he tripped and alerted everyone. Recovering quickly, he looked at the slave, whose tempo had changed, and yelled, “How dare you, Slave!”

When the devils questioned the appearance of the two tieflings, Toth helped cover for them, claiming that the Azer was requested to do inventory, now that Darval was getting ready to rise once more. The devils bought the lie, and agreed to help encourage the other slaves to continue to perform, a remark with greatly upset the paladins.

Though Kythos and Arnder tried to smite the pair, they failed, and a larger conflict emerged. The devils admitted they could smell Glasya, and Marros, who had come out, responded that the smell was “a helluva lot better than you.” The attacks continued, with Kythos giving the dwarf a sword so that he could defend himself. Meriele took care of an illusion to cover Percil as she picked the lock for the door, to provide them with an escape. When one of the devils went back to a lava pit, seeming to heal once more, Meriele shot it with a chromatic orb, destroying that one. Kythos and Marros took care of the other one. After that, the Azer, Lir, revealed that there were thousands more slaves, and he would set himself on the task of freeing as many as he could.

The next room they came upon, after a bit more walking, was a bit strange, with a dragon shrine of sorts. There was a demand in the room for a sacrifice. Either the pot needed to be filled with a great deal of gold, or the sacrifice of someone’s life. They tried to dump the body of one of the devils, but it was ineffective. They learned from Lir, though, when they returned to the fire plane, that there was plenty of silver ingots in the plane, and they filled a large container, far more than enough to fill the sacrificial bowl. The room beyond that held a more terrifying sight—hundreds of skeletons battling each other, and an imposing genie at the center. With such a huge room, there was no way that they could go by unseen, and they needed the cooperation of the genie anyway.

Meriele explained that their only purpose was to get into Darval’s chamber to acquire a weapon that needed to be destroyed, and she didn’t really care who gained control of the lamp. She knew from Toth that whichever genie controlled the lamp got their freedom, and enslaved the other three, and she didn’t care of the fire demon got control of it. The genie suggested a meal, to which Marros happily agreed. The genie revealed that he had tests for the group, for them to prove that they would be good allies for him.

Kythos maintained himself while fighting the genie’s champion. Meriele trounced the genie in the Changes of Seasons. Finally, the Genie asked the leader of the party—volunteered by Marros—to help coordinate a skirmish. The group needed to defend their door and take the other, but with Arnder’s advice, they developed a plan to have their skeletons attack from the center, in a wedge form, and from the ceiling as well. The skirmish didn’t last long, the genie cut it off when he decided that this would be a good group to rely on for him to get in and get his lamp. The group departed with their silver ingots, bringing them to the camp once more to rest.


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