Birds of a Feather

Firebolts- Session 1

Menevrien: the City of Gates, the biggest (or possibly just the most populated) city on the planet. The diversity helped Meriele actually tolerate the place where she was currently employed as emissary. Unfortunately, this morning the elf was infuriated. Her gem was missing, and was replaced with three feathers—blue, white, and orange. She used the gem to cast a spell, and it cost over 60 gp. She found her half-elf assistant, Sauriel, who explained that the feathers were a calling card of a pirate organization known for blackmail and kidnapping. Sauriel suggested that Mariele flee, but Mariele wasn’t keen on running from her troubles. Instead, she hoped to track the group down and make sure that they learned why they shouldn’t mess with her.

She went to some nobles next to ask about the Kingfishers, learning only that they had a dispute with a local gang called the Scars. With little success there, she went to the docks. She found a noble-ish human named Tuki, a large middle-eastern man who had his own sailing vessel. Though she asked about the pirates, the man didn’t have much information to offer her. “That’s what I get for relying on a human for information.” She muttered as she turned on her heel to depart.

Tuki approached her once more, asking her to wait for a moment. “I think we got off on the wrong foot,” The man began, eager to make peace with her. He recommended that she seek out the Scar, and stated that their base was at a pub called the Frothy Dune. Tuki led the way, claiming that if Mariele went of her own accord, she would certainly lose her purse.

Tuki brought Mariele to a man he knew, who brushed her off immediately. One-handed Walibus, the paladin, had also been robbed that morning. More specifically, he believed that he was set up by the King Fishers, with one of the relics of his temple stolen that morning. When she mentioned that her gem had been stolen, however, Wally suddenly began to care. He mentioned that there was a Kenku, bird person, he believed to be involved in the theft. He wanted to get some help, and so he led Mariele back to his temple. He picked up two of his prodigies, both tieflings, oddly enough, and they joined the group eagerly. Arnder and Kythos had spent their morning sparring, even without the instruction of their leader, Walibus. The ‘spar’ hadn’t lasted long, though, because Arnder was knocked out in one blow from his counterpart.

Helping them once more, Tuki gave a rowboat to the group to use to investigate the sewers of which the King Fishers had seized control. Arnder jumped into the boat, landing perfectly. Kythos jumped into the boat next, but he overshot the boat completely, landing in the water. Arnder kept his balance, threw a rope in, and pulled him up, getting the now-soaking paladin out of the water. Mariele and Wally chose to not compete, and climbed down calmly so that the group could make their way to the sewer.

It was dark inside the sewer, and Wally needed a torch to see. Kythos and Arnder sensed something evil. Kythos demanded that the evil creature show itself, and the moment an imp appeared, he smashed it with his weapon, throwing the now-bloody carcass across the sewer into the wall. Mariele couldn’t help but wonder if he had really sensed the imp, or had just been sensing the other tiefling.

“Help me!” A female voice called out. Arnder ran immediately towards it, not remembering or realizing that the Kenku they sought could mimic the sounds of voices it had heard. He was hit with an arrow that was shot from beyond what the group could see. Mariele shot a crate with a firebolt, causing it to burst into flames. The fire illuminated a fair amount more of the passage, for both the group and their foe.

The fire brought more than just illumination. It also brought a half-ogre. He ran through the fire towards the group, who defended themselves. An arrow hit and knocked out Arnder, who had tried to go around through a different path to sneak up behind the ogre. Soon Kythos was unconscious as well. Mariele hit the ogre with another firebolt, and he surrendered. Mariele wondered what would be the advantage of keeping the creature alive. “Do you care?” she asked Wally.

Of course he cared. “We can take him in.” He replied, already restraining the ogre. Mariele and Wally stabilized the unconscious paladins, and the group soon investigated the rest of the crates in the area. Whoever had attacked them was gone—for now. The crates held oranges (to prevent scurvy at sea, presumably), linens, wheat, salt, coal, leather gloves and boots. They also found a quiver and 4 arrows, and a jeweler’s lope.

Arnder and Wally spoke with the ogre, Bifur, learning it wouldn’t be the first time the half-ogre went to jail. He said some useful things, like he used to work for the Scars, but the King Fishers took over and he was spared. He was meant to guard this door, only letting King Fishers pass. He also said that they didn’t exit the same way they came in.

Mariele investigated the coal a bit more, and learned that it was more akin to ore. When she looked through the jeweler’s lope, she saw beyond what must have been a visual cloak, but quickly learned that the lope also projected the thoughts of the person using the device. She quickly passed it off to one of the tieflings, not interested in her thoughts being broadcast for the group. The group prepared to take the crates back to civilization, possibly to sell for money, or maybe even to try to find their rightful owners. Before they were able to get away, however, the ogre was hit with an arrow, and the party was under attack once again.


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